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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the carpet take to dry?
Usually between four and six hours are needed for drying. However, many factors are involved, such as airflow, make-up of the carpet, and how soiled the carpet is.

Is the carpet safe to walk on after cleaning?
Yes. The carpet will not be harmed by walking on it before it is dry. However, caution must be taken when walking from a freshly cleaned carpet onto a non-carpeted surface to avoid slipping.

Do you move furniture?
Yes. Most furniture is moved and placed back in its original position on protective pads. The protective pads are used to prevent staining of your carpet from the furniture.

What do you recommend for spot cleaning?
A-1 Carpet Cleaning sells a water-based spot cleaner that takes out most spots without leaving a soapy residue! Ask your technician for details.
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